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Main Areas of Intervention

Growth Stimulators & Inoculants

IITA’s bio-fertilizers are cost-effective and environmentally friendly; they stimulate growth, inoculate crops and enhance productivity in small-scale farming systems.

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IITA’s biological control products significantly reduce pests and diseases in farmer fields, resulting in safe and nutritious crops, as well as increased market opportunities.

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Improved Seeds & Genetics

Hybrid, breeder and foundation soybean seeds are first generation seeds with good genetics. heir features include, early maturing, high resistance to rust, high promiscuous nodulation, cercospora leaf spot and bacteria pustule.

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Youth Agribusiness

In 2012 IITA established IYA (IIITA Youth Agribusiness). it serves as a model to encourage young people to go into agriculture and prove that youth can succeed in agriculture.

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Farm Management & Consultancy Services

BIP helps you pioneer technologies, develop partnership agreements to leverage their potential, refine them into products, test-market these products, train partners in manufacturing and marketing, and replicate these operations in other countries.

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IITA’s Ground-Breaking Science & Technologies

Breeding & Variety Selection

Improved crop varieties to meet the demand for food and income security are generated and selected using the best genetics, new technology, and testing in diverse environments throughout Africa.

IITA BIP Breeding


High quality seed and planting material of improved varieties from IITA’s breeding programs and private partners can be multiplied rapidly using novel technologies, and provided to industry and farmers throughout Africa.

IITA BIP Multiplication

Growth Stimulation

The vegetable unit utilizes growing media, Organic manure and fertilizers. The growing media include the buffered and unbuffered cocopeat;vermiculite. The fertilizers used include NPK 15:15:15 and Urea.

IITA BIP Growth Stimulation

Cultivation Techniques

Our cultivation techniques follow specific stages. These are, site selection, land preparation, seed preparation, planting, praying herbicides, maintenance, harvesting, and threshing.

IITA BIP Cultivation Techniques

Disease Control

Solutions for plant disease control: disease & pest diagnostics, and phenotyping for disease resistant variety development.

IITA BIP Disease Control

Plant Health

Plant health management solutions customized to suit the needs of clients, and training and consultation services.

Customer Feedback

Idowu Asenuga

Last year, one of our customers bought all of our production because it had been treated with AflasafeTM. The challenge now is to increase our production to meet the growing national and international demand for aflasafeTM-treated crops.

Idowu Asenuga Managing Director, Agri Supply Ltd.
Dr. Rita Aboloma

Ever since we started treating our maize with AflasafeTM, people have been calling us to buy it! We are able to fetch premium prices, and we can’t produce enough to meet market demand. Most food industries do not want to buy maize that is not aflatoxin-free.

Dr. Rita Aboloma Ado Poly Ventures
Toyin Abayomi Akin-Johnson

There is a price difference between regular maize and AflasafeTM-treated maize. Companies pay a premium for AflasafeTM-treated maize because it reduces livestock mortality, reduces the use of antibiotic and provides better growth rates.

Toyin Abayomi Akin-Johnson Managing Director at Creative Farms Solution Ltd