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Who We Are

IITA Business Incubation Platform (BIP)

BIP is the technology delivery arm of International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA). BIP was created to provide a platform to link research, development, commercialization, and capacity development through the establishment of full-scale production facilities, the creation of supply chain models and raw materials processing for various crops, intended for adoption, and replication by the private sector. 


BIP is located in Ibadan, Nigeria, and hosts AgriServe (commercial agricultural consulting and farm management services), with its microbiology laboratory (tissue culture & genetics), and three pilot factories: Aflasafe (bio-pesticide), Nodumax (legume inoculant), and GoSeed (improved seed varieties).

BIP Mission

BIP aims to create jobs and boost the income, nutrition, and health of poor rural women and men by providing better access to improved agricultural technologies, products and services that will enhance their agricultural productivity while sustaining natural resources. 

Improved Agricultural Technologies

Improved Seeds & Genetics

Hybrid, breeder and foundation soybean seeds are first generation seeds with good genetics. heir features include, early maturing, high resistance to rust, high promiscuous nodulation, cercospora leaf spot and bacteria pustule.

IITA BIP Active ingredients application to seeds

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Bio-Pesticides & Disease Control

IITA’s biological control products significantly reduce pests and diseases in farmer fields, resulting in safe and nutritious crops, as well as increased market opportunities.

IITA BIP Disease Control & Bio-PesticideDevelopment

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Growth Stimulators

IITA’s bio-fertilizers are cost-effective and environmentally friendly; they stimulate growth, inoculate crops and enhance productivity in small-scale farming systems.

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Young Plants

Description coming soon.

IITA BIP Plantain & Yam tissue culture

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Farm Management & Consultancy Services

BIP helps companies pioneer technologies, develop partnership agreements to leverage their potential, refine them into products, test-market these products, train partners, and replicate these operations in other countries.

IITA BIP Farm & Forest management

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Youth Agribusiness

In 2012 IITA established IYA (IIITA Youth Agribusiness). it serves as a model to encourage young people to go into agriculture and prove that youth can succeed in agriculture.

IITA BIP Youth Agribusiness Farm Management staffing

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Products & Services

The Ground-Breaking Science Behind It

Breeding & Variety Selection

Improved crop varieties to meet the demand for food and income security are generated and selected using the best genetics, new technology, and testing in diverse environments throughout Africa.

Disease Control

Solutions for plant disease control: disease & pest diagnostics, and phenotyping for disease resistant variety development.

Growth Stimulation

The vegetable unit utilizes growing media, Organic manure and fertilizers. The growing media include the buffered and unbuffered cocopeat;vermiculite. The fertilizers used include NPK 15:15:15 and Urea.

Plant Health

Plant health management solutions customized to suit the needs of clients, and training and consultation services.


High quality seed and planting material of improved varieties from IITA’s breeding programs and private partners can be multiplied rapidly using novel technologies, and provided to industry and farmers throughout Africa.

Cultivation Techniques

Our cultivation techniques follow specific stages. These are, site selection, land preparation, seed preparation, planting, praying herbicides, maintenance, harvesting, and threshing.

Meet the Team

IITA BIP CEO Frederick Schreurs

Frederick Schreurs

Chief Executive Officer

IITA BIP Victoria Obafemi

Victoria Obafemi

Sales and marketing for IYA and BIP

Phone: 08039784232
Email Address: v.obafemi@cgiar.org

IITA BIP Account Manager

Olaide Jinadu

Finance Administration for BIP and IYA

Phone: 08039784231
Email Address: O.Jinadu@cgiaar.org

Damilola Akinsiku IITA BIP Key Account Manager

Damilola Akinsiku

Sales and Marketing officer for Goseed and IYA products

Phone: 08039784234
Email Address: D.akinsiku@cgiar.org

Olufunmilayo Oyesiji IITA BIP Key Account Manager

Olufunmilayo Oyesiji

IYA processing Head

Phone: 08039784233
Email Address: o.oyesiji@cgiar.org

Oludamilare Odusanya-Production and operation head

Oludamilare Odusanya

Production and operation head

Phone: 07038587093
Email Address: o.odusanya@cgiar.org

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