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What We Do

IITA Business Incubation Platform (BIP)

BIP serves to stimulate product development, and provides expertise and training in commercial agriculture and farm management, and opportunities for market expansion.

This involves identifying pioneering technologies, developing partnership agreements to leverage their potential, refining them into products, test-marketing these products, training partners in manufacturing and marketing, and replicating these operations in other countries.

BIP provides agribusiness opportunities related to seed systems, biotechnologies, and value-added processing.

Currently, BIP hosts three pilot factories for the following technologies:

  • Aflasafe, a biocontrol product used to manage aflatoxin in maize and groundnut in the field and in storage;
  • NoduMax, a soybean inoculant that helps fix nitrogen from the air and increases yields of legumes;
  • GoSeed, a foundation and breeder seed production facility.

BIP also houses the IITA Youth Agripreneurs (IYA), a model for youth engagement in agribusiness initiated by IITA. Technical and logistic backstopping is provided by AgriServe, the technical services and consultancy division if BIP, and by IITA’s marketing and training units, which support specific incubation activities.

The products and services offered by BIP are developed using IITA’s science and technologies in breeding & variety screening, genetics, cultivation techniques, plant health, disease control & bio-pesticide development, growth stimulation, vegetative & generative multiplication.

Disease Control

Solutions for plant disease control: disease & pest diagnostics, and phenotyping for disease resistant variety development.

IITA BIP Disease Control

Plant Health

Plant health management solutions customized to suit the needs of clients, and training and consultation services.

IITA BIP Plant Health

Cultivation Techniques

Description coming soon.

IITA BIP Cultivation Techniques


High quality seed and planting material of improved varieties from IITA’s breeding programs and private partners can be multiplied rapidly using novel technologies, and provided to industry and farmers throughout Africa.

IITA BIP Multiplication

Growth Stimulation

Description coming soon.

IITA BIP Growth Stimulation

Breeding & Variety Selection

Improved crop varieties to meet the demand for food and income security are generated and selected using the best genetics, new technology, and testing in diverse environments throughout Africa.

IITA BIP Breeding